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Today is Dec 14, 2018
Michelle Cheow
Associate Sales Director
CEA Licence No.:
L3010738A / R016038I
Call (+65) 9800 4495
Welcome to My Website
Michelle Cheow is a Real Estate Businessperson who makes YOUR property needs, HER business. 

3 Reasons why you should consult Michelle Cheow

Ever met a property agent who is more intereted in pushing you to take what he can earn commission for than to address your needs? Michelle understands that the ONLY way to serve her client, is to take care of their needs. She is a consultant. An advisor. YOUR ALLY. Do you NEED a home to stay? Do you NEED convenience of transportation for your employees at the new office? Do you NEED to sell your current home because you NEED the funds for something urgent or for reinvestment? Michelle is there to first LISTEN and ASSESS your NEEDS before advising and working through your next course of action.

Sure, there are many property agents who may claim expertise in certain segments or geographical area of the market. And Michelle has no doubt that experience in these areas are important. But beyond the experience (Did we mention Michelle has been a Real Estate Businessperson since 2008?), access to current information is also KEY to YOUR Real Estate needs. The reality of the situation is that we live in a high-speed and dynamic era and environment. What was relevant a year, or even a month ago, may not apply at the point of YOUR Real Estate need. Michelle is supported by a good team of IT and administrative people and technology which ensures that she is WELL-EQUIPPED to serve YOU. What this means for YOU, is that YOU are also privy to the latest information and changes for YOUR Real Estate need because YOUR need is her business.

3. She is there for the LONG HAUL
In her Real Estate Business practice since 2008, Michelle has encountered many valued clients who came to her in a state of emergency because their previous attending property agents have left the industry. In a climate of competitive market, YOU need to choose an ally who can be there for you in the long run, not someone who is there to earn a quick commission from you and leaves the market the very next day. As a BUSINESS OWNER and STARTUP FOUNDER herself, Michelle understands the need to persist in good times and bad. She also understands that she is NOT a know-all. Therefore, she will not be too proud to seek advise from the relevant authority of the expertise so that she can better SERVE YOU. YOU know that she will be there to ASSIST when YOU need to make your next Real Estate decision. She is there to serve YOU, advise YOU, listen to YOU and execute for YOU.


Michelle's Areas of Expertise includes but is not limited to:

Assisting Expatriates in their relocation to Singapore
Michelle's best Testimony was settling an Australian familly of 4 within 7 days of their arrival into Singapore into their rental apartment near the school of their kids

Advising Parents enrolling their children into Primary 1
Michelle will sit YOU through the process of the school YOU are planning to enrol YOUR child into and discuss the options and requirements of potential homes near the schools. Other school enrolment related advise included FOC.

Consulting for Setting up of BUSINESSES
Michelle is equipped to advice you in the feasibility of the locations you are looking to set up business. She has personally negotiated takeovers and taken BUSINESS OWNERS through the entire process and never hesitates to also seek advise from HER own mentors when in doubt.

YOUR property
HER business
Featured Properties
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The Arte

Jalan Raja Udang

S$ 2,300,000

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For Sale

Light Industrial (B1)

Northpoint Bizhub

Yishun Industrial Street 1

S$ 988,888

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For Sale


Skyline 360

St. Thomas Walk

S$ 4,650,000

For Rent

Mall Shop

Bukit Timah Shopping Centre

Upper Bukit Timah Road

S$ 1,800 / month


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